Battered Formed Mini Rings 250g

Pescanova presents the Battered Formed Mini Rings, easy and quick to prepare, makes an excellent appetizer or first course that will appeal to both, children and adults.

INGREDIENTS: Squid (MOLLUSC) (Dosidicus gigas) (60%), EGG (15%), WHEAT (GLUTEN) flour, starch, sunflower oil, water, salt, sugar,
flavor enhancer (E 621monosodium glutamate), thickeners (E 407carrageenan, E 412 guar gum), raising agent (E 450
diphosphates, E 500 sodium carbonate), stabilizer (E 461 methylcellulose, E 414 arabic gum), maltodextrin, EGG flavor,
yeast, dextrose.

CONTAINS: Milk, fish and crustaceans.


Per 100gr frozen: Energy 898Kj (215Kcal), Total fat 11.3g of which saturated 2.2g, Carbothydrate 18.8g of which sugars; 1.5g, Fiber 2.4g, Proteins 8.3g and Salt 1.43g.

FRYING PAN: Fry the pieces without defrosting, in abundant and very hot oil (180-190 ºC). In order to maintain the oil temperature, we recomemend yoy fry few pieces at one time. Turn them over immediately to form a crisp coverage and continue frying, for 1 minute, until they are golden.

DEEP-FRYER: Fry in abundant and very hot oil (180-190ºC), for 1 minute, until they are golden.

If you see any superficial ice on the product, remove it with a cloth before frying the product, in order to avoid oil slashes.