Blanched Vannamei Prawn Meat 450g

The Pescanova Blanched Vannamei Prawn Meat is a pealed and deveined cultivated prawn. 

Extremely easy to prepare as it has been briefly immersed in boiling water to make it partially cooked. It is immediately deep-frozen for ultimate flavour and freshness.

Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei), water, salt, antioxidants (E 223 (sulfites), E 330) stabilizers (E 451, E 452, E 339).

MAY CONTAIN: Fish and Molluscs


Per 100gr frozen: Energy 266Kj (63Kcal), Total fat 0.4g of which saturated 0.1g, Proteins 14.8g and Salt 1.13g.

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