Breaded Formed Rings 400g

Pescanova presents the Breaded Formed Rings, the perfect balance of flavour and texture when cooked.

This Tapas is very easy to prepare, which will allow you to enjoy the most authentic and traditional flavours in just a few minutes as tapas or dinners.


(Squid (MOLLUSC) (Dosidicus gigas) + FISH protein (Merluccius spp)) (53%), maize and rice flour, water, starch, sunflower
oil, salt, sugar, maize dextrose, thickener (E 415 xanthan gun, E 407 carrageenan), vegetable fiber, spices (turmenic and
paprika) and colouring (natural caramel).

CONTAINS: Egg, milk, crustaceans


Per 100gr frozen: Energy 906Kj (216Kcal), Total fat 7.4g of which saturated 2.0g, Carbothydrate 28.9g of which sugars; 0.9g, Fiber 5.1g, Proteins 5.9g and Salt 1.28g.

FRYING PAN: Fry without defrosting, in abundant and very hot oil (180-190ºC.). In order to maintain the oil temperature, we
recommend you fry few pieces at one time. In order to obtain a crunchy and golden batter, turn them over immediately and
continue frying for one minute.

DEEP-FRYER: Fry the pieces, without defrosting, in abundant and very hot oil (180-190ºC) for one minute until they are
crunchy and golden. If you see any superficial ice on the product, remove it with a cloth before frying the product, in order to avoid oil slashes.

OVEN: Place the pieces without defrosting in the middle tray of the oven. Cook at 200-220ºC for 7 minutes in a conventional
oven and 6 minutes in a conventional oven with fan.